Purchasing requires a process of elimination rather than selection. Be sure to hone in on the primary reasons for the purchase.


Accepting an Offer
The nature of offers is that each and every one is different. At the end of the day, a home’s value is established at that intersection where seller and buyer agree on price. As today’s real estate contracts contain many different contract contingencies such as inspection, financing and title to name a few, deciding which terms are most compelling can be a complex process. Sometimes, the highest dollar value does not necessarily represent the best financial outcome for you or reflect the best overall terms. We will scrutinize any offer with a fine tooth comb to ensure it contains the terms and conditions best suited to your goals. I will review with you each aspect of the contract’s language in great detail. My baker’s dozen and years of expertise will ensure you secure the best counsel possible. I understand the nuances of these contracts and can readily identify when we may be working with a less experienced or perhaps even ill-prepared party on the other side. This can certainly serve you well by ensuring you do not leave money on the table, or protect you from the risks and headaches of working with poorly counseled buyers or inept brokers.

You will receive copies of all documentation for your records and never put your signature to anything unless I am confident you understand fully what you are signing!

Escrow Process
Please see my article on “How To Close On Time”.