Purchasing requires a process of elimination rather than selection. Be sure to hone in on the primary reasons for the purchase.


Time to Sell?

Why Sell? Here are some very good reasons to sell:

  • You’ve just received that amazing promotion you’ve been waiting for….only it’s in Kansas City. Not only will I help you get your home on the market, but will also assist you in finding someone in the city where you land to help you either buy or rent your new digs.
  • Your kids just moved out the house. That 4,000 sf is starting to sound hollow. Time to downsize?
  • Tired of being a landlord? Maybe now is the time to shed the investment property. Maybe those kids who just moved out of the house need their college paid for and your investment property is coming due for that purpose.
  • You’ve experienced a financial hardship. No worries! I’ve helped dozens upon dozens of homeowners transition through this often stressful process. Your worries and concerns will always remain confidential, too.
  • Added a new member or two to your family and you’re now bursting at the seams? Well, maybe now is the time to move up.
  • Hey, it’s retirement time! Yippee. Time to sell the home and move to your new digs in sunnier climes.

As you can see, these and many more reasons may provide the motivation to sell.

Is This a Good Time To Sell?
Real estate is local, microcosmic in many cases. One neighborhood’s boom may be another’s bust. In a market like greater Seattle’s, knowing how to take the temperature of your immediate market is hugely important. I’ll help you sift through all the data so you may make an informed decision. The time of year is also very important, though sometimes sellers don’t have the luxury of timing. No worries! I’ll help you make the best decision possible regardless of the time of year.

What’s the market like?
This is the age old question we encounter every day. You may rest assured that, by the time we have concluded our conversation, you will have a clear understanding of market conditions in your neighborhood, the city and the region.

Am I Optimizing My Finances?
Regardless of your circumstances, you will be making your decisions based on the condition of the market, competition and pricing. I will provide you with a complete analysis on these fronts so you are making the most informed decision possible. Your costs to sell will be calculated in a net proceeds sheet. If your sale is somehow distressed, then you will have a complete and full understanding of the implications of the sale to you and your credit. I cannot offer legal or financial counsel under the law and always advise that you seek input from your attorney or C.P.A. if circumstances require.