Purchasing requires a process of elimination rather than selection. Be sure to hone in on the primary reasons for the purchase.


Time to Move
Following are some helpful links to local utilities, etc., which may serve in making your transition smoother. You will become responsible for the utilities at 12:01a.m. on the calendar day of closing. Thus, you’ll need to make certain you have contacted the utilities and other service providers in advance to set up accounts and let them know of your move. Home insurance is, of course, also important. Either I or your lender will have already directed you to contact your insurer or select an insurance provider. Your lender will not execute the loan without an insurance rider in place.

Seattle Utilities

  • Water/Sewer
    • Seattle Public Utilities
    • Power
      • Seattle City Light
        • 684.3000
      • Puget Sound Energy

Shoreline Utilities

Bellevue Utilities

Kirkland Utilities


Department of Planning & Development