Purchasing requires a process of elimination rather than selection. Be sure to hone in on the primary reasons for the purchase.


I’m Ready To Go… Now What?
Now that you’ve lined up your ducks, have loan pre-approval, loan approval or other funds, it’s time to go shopping. Your home search should be a process of elimination, not selection. At any given time, there are thousands of actively listed properties in our multiple listing service across the entire region. Clearly, you don’t need to look at them all. I prefer to pursue a process of elimination – by focusing on the specific price point you can afford, preferred neighborhoods, property configuration and other factors, you can eliminate all those properties which simply won’t fit your criteria. I’ll do this work with you and we will collaborate on developing search parameters focusing on only those properties best suited to your goals. This way, instead of looking at hundreds of options, we can draw a bead on the best candidates, making you better positioned to be responsive and quick acting if circumstances require it.

The 85% Rule
This is an all-important rule to follow during your home search. It’s unlikely you’ll ever find the absolutely perfect home. In fact, most people who design and build their own properties find out shortly after moving in that they missed a detail or two, rendering the home “less than perfect”. So, as a baseline, think of a property in terms of where it falls in the perfection spectrum. Your home may be in the best neighborhood, but not big enough or on a busy road, unfenced, without a garage, so on and so forth. If it doesn’t meet your 85% threshold in checking off most of your must haves, then it’s probably not a contender. If it does, then it bears further consideration. If it checks all the boxes, run, don’t walk! These properties are hard to come by.

I will ask you two questions during the search and if we’ve identified properties meeting the 85% rule. “Can you see yourself living here?” and “Can you see yourself owning this house?” If the answer is yes to both of these, then we have probably found you your home. Yay! Score!!! There might also be a third question depending on whether or not there is competition for the property; “Will you be disappointed if you don’t get to buy this house?” Only you will know the answer.